Fay Tissue About Us

… Pakistan’s Favourite Tissue Brand

Over a period of several decades, Brand has grown into a national consumer icon in Pakistan. Now
a favourite in millions of homes across the country, the success of Brand is based on helping people
fulfill their needs for comfort, softness and cleanliness with high quality and gentle products.

In the process of becoming Pakistan’s Favourite facial tissue brand, has innovated and evolved
through the years to offer exceptional softness, eye-catching package designs and truly gentle care.
We have continued to carry the Brand promise into new categories where we can spread the
brand’s signature gentle care to a greater range of use and a higher level of comfort.

What Does ‘’ Mean

Literally, the word means a small being, in human form, that is playful and has magical powers;
another meaning for the word is a fairy. As a brand name ‘’ has been selected to symbolize
pleasantness, gentleness, effectiveness (magical), and the joy its use bring to the consumers.

Who Makes

Brand Tissue Products are manufactured by Converters International. The firm was acquired
from its previous owners in 1990 by the family of the present owners, who
implementing an ever evolving strategy of sustainable development in accordance with the globlly
recognized GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and highest environmental standards.

What Offers

Today, not only offers a complete range of tissue paper products but has extended and innovated
manufacturing to produce cotton-based products such as cotton-balls, cotton-rounds, cotton buds etc.
As an ongoing process, the Product Development Team is pursuing an auspicious agenda of
producing a large number of modern and innovative products for its valued consumers in Pakistan.

Customer-Branding Opportunities

Along with dedicated and efficient customer care by highly competent and experienced marketing
and sales teams, also offers a unique opportunity for its customers to have products produced
with their own branding. They can have these own-branded products for their corporate use or as giveaways.

Our Mission

To become the number one brand the top choice for all our consumers in every product category and
market that we compete in.

Our Vision

To continuously exceed customer expectations by identifying their needs, develop and market high
quality and innovative products at competitive prices, whilst providing world class customer service.

Core Values

To foster a culture of continous improvement and innovation, focusing on:

  • Product variety in line with diverse needs
  • Genuine premium quality
  • Best value for money